Freeride Fiesta is a week of good times down in Mexico. It’s a MTB Freeride event where it’s all about having fun and riding bikes. The idea was born out of Johny Salido  (professional freerider) and one of his best buds Oscar Tobogangster (professional trail builder and Johny’s Rampage digger) with the objective of bringing the best freeride and freeriders in the world down to Mexico to help grow the sport in Latin America.

This is a dream they both had for years until they finally made it happen in February 2021 and the event turned out a huge success. Happening again in January 2024 at La Soledad Bike Park in Guadalajara, Mexico, Freeride Fiesta will be a huge show to watch.

This is Freeride Fiesta. For riders by riders!